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About the Society

The Society for Laingian Studies is an international online society dedicated to furthering discussion, research and scholarship in the philosophy and practice of Ronald David Laing. The Society was co-founded by Daniel Burston of Pittsburgh, USA and Margreta Carr in Toronto, Canada, in December 2002, intended to be a 'virtual society' of individuals from all walks of life with an interest in Ronald Laing's life and work. The Society was a significant milestone in the evolution of 'Laingian Studies', evolving from the Unofficial R.D. Laing site, which Margreta had redesigned and had been developing since the autumn of 2000. In January 2004, the history of Laing scholarship saw a momentous event in the founding of the International R.D. Laing Institute (ILI) a professional association of Laingian practitioners and scholars, under the direction of Theodor Itten in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The ILI will be conducting seminars, lectures and master classes, while the SLS continues to make materials for research and scholarship available online. This is a very extraordinary development, as the ILI and SLS work in complementary purpose to reify Ronald Laing's profound contribution not only to understanding the nature of soul, its joy as well as suffering, but also to the history of ideas, philosophy, art, literature, religion and social political thought.

Membership in the Society is open to anyone with an interest in furthering his or her interest in Laingian psychology, regardless of background or ability to pay. Details are available on the Join The Society page.

Advisor and Boardmember profiles are available where linked; others will be added as they become available.

Potter, Brent
SLS Director

Roberts, Ron A.
UK Co-ordinator, Colloquium Editor

Berke, Joseph
Biography, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis, Therapeutic Communities

Cobb, Noel
Archetypal Psychology, Psychotherapy & Analytical Psychology, Shamanism & Rebirth

Feldmár, Andrew
Biography, Existential Psychology, Existential Philosophy, Therapeutic Communities, Shamanism & Rebirth

Frie, Roger
Existential Psychiatry & Psychotherapy, Ancient & Medieval Philosophy, Existentialism , Phenomenology and Religion

Gans, Steven
Biography, Analytical Psychology, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Therapeutic Communities

Heuer, Gottfried
The Politics of Diagnosis, Analytical Psychology

Itten, Theodor
Art & Literature, Biography, Existential Psychology, Psychotherapy, Shamanism & Rebirth, Therapeutic Communities

Keough, Kevin L.
Psychotherapy, Shamanism & Rebirth, 'Music, Mediation and Martial Arts'

Kirsner, Douglas
Biography, Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, Existential Psychiatry, Feminist & Family Therapy, Existentialism, Phenomenology & Religion

Laing, Marguerite
Biography, Art & Literature, Psychotherapy, Eastern Religion, Shamanism & Rebirth

Miller, Gavin
Art & Literature, Scottish Philosophy

Redler, Leon
Biography, Existential Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Therapeutic Communities, The Politics of Diagnosis, Critical Psychiatry & Psychology

Samuels, Andrew
Analytical Psychology, The Politics of Diagnosis

Sass, Louis
Existentialism, Phenomenology, Religion

Spinelli, Ernesto
Existential Psychiatry, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Religion

Schneider, Kirk
Existential Psychiatry & Psychology, Psychology of Awe, Existentialism & Phenomenology

Thompson, Kenneth
Psychoanalysis, Feminist Therapy & Family Therapy, The Politics of Diagnosis, Critical Psychiatry & Psychology

Thompson, Michael Guy
Biography, Psychoanalysis, Existential Psychiatry & Psychology, Phenomenology, Therapeutic Communities

Ticktin, Stephen
Existential Psychotherapy, Critical Psychiatry & Psychology

Villemaire, Lise
Existential Psychiatry & Psychology, Phenomenology, Religion, Feminist & Family Therapy, Critical Psychiatry & Psychology



Site Development Team

Potter, Brent
SLS Director

Roberts, Ron A.
UK Co-ordinator, Colloquium Editor

Itten, Theodor
Website Hoster

Goetz, Alex
Website Editor


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