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Who Supports the Society?
As a very new organization, the SLS relies primarily on Society Memberships to bring revenues that will help to offset the costs in developing the site. Memberships of different types have been established at a nominal cost of 1- to 3- dollars (Canadian) per month, paid annually, in the hope that no one will be prevented from joining due to financial circumstances.
Additionally, affiliate accounts have been arranged with two reputable online booksellers,
Abebooks and Barnes & Noble, companies which provide a small commission on purchases made through the use of the links on this site at no additional cost to the buyer.

Just Say No (to Amazon)
Very often websites containing bibliographies will have an underlined link directing the visitor to a book purchasing site - Please Note: All of the hyperlinked titles in this site open to pages of review and commentary, not book-buying sites. Links to sites where the book can be ordered online are separately noted on the pages as ABE (for used, rare and out of print) and B&N (for new editions from the publisher). On principle, we have not arranged an affiliation with because of its aggressive marketing; the websites we have linked to focus solely on books, music and videos. A few notes for anyone who is new to ABEbooks or Barnes&Noble are included below.

Abebooks is a remarkable collective of thousands of independent booksellers worldwide who have listed their inventories into one vast database of 40 million used, rare and collectible books for purchase online.
For anyone who loves books of all kinds, searching through the database is a joy in itself; not only because of the frequency with which one may come across an extraodinary book not heard of before, but also because of the interesting and at times endearing notes appended to the title on sale, such as the description of an old copy of The Divided Self, below:





"The end paper has a smudged erasure mark on the top corner which does not want to come off and I fear the paper would start to wear if one tried to I stopped! The jacket has a large triangular piece missing from the bottom front corner with flap that means all but the first letter of the word "madness" in the subtitle are lost."

- The Book Business, London W7 3QS, United Kingdom

Barnes & Noble offer a very high standard of quality and efficiency in the sale of direct-from-publisher books, music and videos online. In additon to providing first quality books in print, they have also set up an online University to encourage education without borders.

Barnes and

· Please use these links to purchase books - it helps these excellent companies
as well as the SLS