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Ron Roberts

Ron Roberts, C. Psychol
UK Co-ordinator, Colloquium Editor


Academic & Professional Qualifications

Sep 1967-July 1974 Ruffwood Comprehensive. Kirkby, nr Liverpool
9 'O' Levels, 4 'A' Levels - Maths, Biology, Chemistry, General Studies

Oct 1974-July 1977 University of Sheffield
B.Sc (Hons) 2.2 Psychology

Oct 1978-Sep 1980 University of London
M.Sc (Dist) Human Communication Guy's Hospital Medical School

Oct 1981-Sep 1984 University of Leicester
Ph.D (Apr 86) Systems Theory & Dreaming

March-April 1993 Trinity College London

June 2000 University of Westminster
Use of German, 3rd level course

Professional Experience

Oct 2002 Senior Lecturer Department of Psychology. Kingston University.

Jan 2001 Lecturer (Statistician) King's College London. Institute of Psychiatry. Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Research Centre

Oct 2000 Visiting Lecturer University College London.

Jan 1995 Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology. University of Westminster Dept of Psychology

Oct 1994 Lecturer (PT) University of Westminster Dept of Psychology

Nov 1993 Senior Social Scientist Tavistock Institute for Human Relations
Duties: Evaluation of London Lighthouse. Evaluation of EEC DELTA project on IT.

Oct 1991 Research Fellow/Locum Lecturer University College London.
Dept of Epidemiology and Public Health. Duties: Evaluation of Whitehall II Data.

May 1990 Research Fellow St Bartholomews Medical College Dept of Psychological Medicine.
Visiting Research Fellow Health Research Unit Dept of Geography. QMW. I also worked as a counsellor 1 day/wk in the Alcohol Clinic at Barts.
Duties: Evaluation of Lorne House Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Apr 1989 Research Associate London Hospital Medical College Academic Unit of Psychiatry.
Duties: Survey design/analysis for National Survey of Oncology Counsellors in UK.

Jul 1986 Research Fellow (Apr 88-) Research Officer (July 86-Mar 88) King's College Medical School. Academic Dept of Community Medicine.
Duties: Survey Design & Evaluation: Alcohol in Workplace Project. I was also involved in setting up of one of the first occupationally based counselling services in the UK.

Oct 1981 Research Student University of Leicester Dept of Psychology
Duties: Held SERC. Research Studentship. Tutorial & Demonstrating Assistant.

Adult Education

Nov 1999- Open University. Associate Lecturer ‘Social Science Research Methods’ M.Sc.

Nov 1988- Open University. Associate Lecturer 'Introduction to Psychology'.

Additional Employment

Feb 1985-Nov 1985 Sessional Interviewer. GLC Social Surveys Section.

Mar 1985-Mar 1986 Telephone Interviewer (market research). Marplan

Nov 1979-May 1980 Research Assistant (P.T) Guy's Hospital/ BBC project on efficacy of dubbing.



The Midnight Messages. M.Sc Dissertation. University of London.

In the Midnight Hour: Systems Theory and Dreaming. Ph.D thesis. University of Leicester. (1986)

Refereed Papers

"Personal Constructs & Dreaming." (1981) New Forum: Journal of the Psychology and Psychotherapy Association 7(3), 60-62.

"Dream Psychology: Where to Next?" (1985) Changes: Journal of the Psychology and Psychotherapy Association, 3(4), 128-130.

with Cyster, R. and McEwen, J. (1988) "Alcohol Consumption and the Workplace: Prospects for Change?" Public Health, 102, 463-469.

"Factors Influencing Alcohol Consumption in a Workplace Setting." (1988) J. Soc. Occupational Medicine, 38, 118-122.

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"Recurring Themes and Images in a Series of Consecutive REM Dreams." (1988) Perceptual and Motor Skills, 67, 767-777.

"Alcohol and Work: One Company's Experience." (1988) In R. Clarke (Ed.) Perspectives on Occupational Health. British Health and Safety Society/Institute of Health Education.

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with Hemingway, H., Roberts, R., and Marmot, M. (1997) "The impact of age, sex and socioeconomic status on the short form 36 (SF-36) general health survey in the Whitehall II study." American Journal of Public Health. 87(9), 1484-1489.

with Stansfeld, S., Roberts, R. and Foot, S. (1997) "Assessing the validity of the SF-36 General Health Survey." Quality of Life Research, 6, 217-224.

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with Towell, A. and Golding, J. (1998) "Student finance and mental health." The Psychologist, 11(10),489-491.

with Reid, S., Woodford, Golding, J. and Towell, A. (1999) "Health related correlates of gambling on the British National Lottery". Psychological Reports, 84, 247-254.

with Welch, R. , Boorman, S. Golding, J.F., and Towell, T. (1999)"Variations in Self Reported Health by Occupational Grade in the British Post Office: The Q-health project." Occupational Medicine, 49(8), 491-197.

with R., Golding, J., Towell, T. and Weinreb, I. (1999) "The Effects of Students’ Economic Circumstances on British Students’ Mental and Physical Health." Journal of American College Health, 48, 103-109.

with Baker, D., and Towell, A. "Factors predictive of bone mineral density in eating disordered women: A longitudinal study." International Journal of Eating Disorders, 27, 29-35. (2000)

with Golding, J., Towell, T. Reid, S., Woodford, S., Vetere, A. and Weinreb, I. (2000) "Mental and physical health in students: The role of economic circumstances." British Journal of Health Psychology, 5(3), 289-297

Parapsychology and Postmodernism. (2002) The Skeptic 14(4).

with O’Connor, T.G., Dunn, J., Golding, J. and the ALSPAC study team. (2004) "The effects of child sexual abuse in later family life; mental health, parenting and adjustment of offspring." Child Abuse & Neglect, 28(5), 525-545.

"Sanity madness and science: R.D.Laing and critical psychology."
Society for Laingian Studies (2004)

Books/Book Chapters

with Towell, A. and Golding, J. (2001) Foundations of Health Psychology. Palgrave (Macmillan).

with Groome, D. (Eds.) (2001) Parapsychology: The science of unusual experience. London. Arnold.

"Science and experience." (2001) In R. Roberts and D. Groome (Eds.) Parapsychology: The science of unusual experience. London: Arnold.

with Mueller, A. "Dreams." (2001) In R. Roberts and D. Groome (Eds.) Parapsychology: The science of unusual experience. London: Arnold.

"Gateways to the Mind: Society and the Paranormal." (2001) In R. Roberts and D. Groome (Eds.) Parapsychology: The science of unusual experience. London: Arnold.

with Zelenanszki, C. (2002) "Student mental health: Degrees of debt." In N. Stanley and J. Manthorpe (Eds.) Students’ mental health needs: Problems and responses. London. Jessica Kingsley.

with Groome, D. (Eds.) (2003) Parapsychology. Russian Edition.

"British Psychology’s Response to the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq" (2007) In R. Roberts, (Ed.) Just War: Psychology and Terrorism. Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

with Majda Becirevic and Harriet Tenenbaum. (2007) "Children and War: Making sense of Iraq" In R. Roberts, (Ed.) Just War: Psychology and Terrorism. Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

"Sleepwalking into Totalitarianism: Democracy, Centre Politics and Terror" (2007) In R. Roberts, (Ed.) Just War: Psychology and Terrorism. Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

with John Sloboda and David Harper. (2007) "A Psychology for Peace?" In R. Roberts, (Ed.) Just War: Psychology and Terrorism. Ross-on-Wye: PCCS Books.

Articles Submitted

with R., O’Connor, T.G. and Dunn, J. What Accounts for the Stability of Parent-Child Conflict? Alternative Explanations in a Community Sample of Families. (2003)

Replication in Multivariate Models. (2003)


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"Health and Safety at Work." Lancet, Feb 11th, 341. (1989)

"Health and Safety at Work." Lancet, March 18th, 628. (1989)

Conference Papers

The Personal Construction of Dreams." Paper presented at British Conference of Personal Construct Psychology. UMIST (1982)

Cyster, R. "A Joint Initiative on Health Promotion at the Workplace." Paper presented at Royal Society of Medicine Conference: New Frontiers in Epidemiology & Community Medicine. (1987)

Reducing the harm from Alcohol Use: The Context." Paper delivered at Drink Wisely North West Conference - Alcohol and the Workplace. (1988)

Alcohol and Work: The Current Situation." Paper delivered at Conference - Mental Health at Work. University of Birmingham. Institute of Occupational Health. (1989)

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with "
What leads to stability in parent-child relationships? Studying parent-child conflict using multilevel modelling." Proceedings of the British Psychological Society, 11(2), 105. (2003)


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Media Appearances

I have appeared on BBC 1 main news, Radio 1, Radio 4, Radio 5. BBC world service and local radio discussing my research.


1998 British Psychological Society (Health Psychology Division) Chartered Status

1982-1983 Chair of Leicester University Psychology Society.

1978-1989 Psychology and Psychotherapy Association

1986-1991 British Society for Social Responsibility in Science.

Additional Interests

Scuba Diving (PADI Open Water Diver Certification 1992).

Accredited teacher in the practise & teaching of Re-Evaluation Co-Counselling. Swimming, Travel, Wildlife, Photography, Languages, Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu), Climbing.


Italian: April 1992-Nov 1995

Dutch: Studied to intermediate level for 18 months (August 1990-March 1992).

German: Intermediate level. Level III course at the University of Westminster (1999-2000).

Spanish Intermediate level B1. Attended intensive courses in Valencia & London


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