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Leon Redler

Leon Redler


Following medical qualification and post-graduate training in pediatrics and psychiatry in New York, Leon moved to London in 1965 firstly to work with Maxwell Jones at Dingleton Hospital, in Scotland, later with R. D. Laing at Kingsley Hall and other Philadelphia Association households, several of which he founded. A practicing psychotherapist, he is also a practitioner of the Alexander Technique, Hatha Yoga and Zen. Dr. Redler was the Chair of the Philadelphia Association from February of 1997 to February of 1999, the first to hold that position since it was vacated by R. D. Laing in 1981. He was also Chair of the PA's psychotherapy training committee from November, 1996 to June, 2000. His therapy practice and The Mediation Partnership he co-directs are based at the Diorama Center for Art, Therapy and Technology in London. Published work includes articles on Laing, Levinas and Buddhist teachings and practice. He is married and has three daughters.

List of Publications forthcoming.

An Interview With Leon Redler by Luke Fowler


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