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Gavin Miller


Gavin Miller is currently employed by the University of Glasgow, Laing's alma mater, where he works in the Department of English Literature. Miller's scholarly interest in Laing began during his PhD in contemporary Scottish Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Laing seemed to provide a compelling articulation of the lives described in works by writers such as Alasdair Gray and George Friel.

The PhD eventually became a study both of recent Scottish fiction and the history of ideas which it runs alongside. Scottish thinkers such as William Robertson Smith, John Macmurray, W.R.D. Fairbairn, and, of course, Laing himself, were shown as vital to an understanding of modern Scottish fiction.

Since then, Miller has developed both literary and psychiatric lines of research, publishing on Gray, Laing, Macmurray, Suttie, and Fairbairn in various journals.

He is currently working on two monographs (as well as editing a book of essays on Scottish culture and modern theory). The first monograph, on R.D. Laing, will be published by the Centre for the History of Ideas in Scotland as part of their series, Edinburgh Review Introductions. This book will provide a concise introduction to 'anti-psychiatry' and an exposition of some of Laing's major ideas. It will also place his work within the context of psychiatry and philosophy in Scotland, and will discuss the continuing relevance and impact of his thought. The other monograph, on Alasdair Gray, is contracted to Rodopi -- it is, in a sense, an application of Laingian ideas to recent Scottish literary culture (and beyond).


Alasdair Gray: The Fiction of Communion (in preparation).

R.D. Laing, Edinburgh Review Introductions (Edinburgh: Centre for the History of Ideas in Scotland, in preparation)


Scotland in Theory: Reflections on Scottish Literature and Culture, eds. Eleanor Bell and Gavin Miller (Hamburg: Peter Lang, forthcoming)

A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, eds. Margaret Dareau, Harry Watson, Lorna Pike, vols 9-12 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Books and Chapters:

R.D. Laing (Edinburgh University Press. 2004)(Columbia University Press. 2004)
Introduction in the SLS Bibliography: Laing by Miller
by Ron Roberts

‘‘Persuade without convincing … represent without reasoning:’ the inferiorist mythology of the Scots language.’ Scotland in Theory: Reflections on Scottish Literature and Culture (Hamburg: Peter Lang, forthcoming)

Peer-reviewed Journals:

"We are all murderers and prostitutes:" R.D. Laing and the work of Alasdair Gray. PsyArt: A Hyperlink Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts, article 021122. online

‘The Cult of the White Goddess in Alasdair Gray’s Lanark.’ Studies in Scottish Literature (forthcoming)

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