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Marguerite Laing


Immediately following a three-month meditation retreat in Assisi, Italy, and due to a series of synchronistic life events, Marguerite was led to a man called Dr. R. D. Laing. To her surprise and delight she eventually discovered that she was in fact working alongside one of the greatest and most influential figures of the twentieth century, with whom she remained for the rest of his life.

As a result of ten years of daily exposure to Laing's genius, the multifarious streams of his intellectual passions and analytical processing; his unusual and brilliant perceptiveness; exquisitely tuned emotional presence; and immense compassion profoundly influenced and enhanced her own philosophical and spiritual contemplations, her creativity and passion for life.

Marguerite's therapeutic training began in London in 1980 with being invited to observe and later participate in Laing's consultations (Internationally) with people from all walks of life, from widely different cultures, in almost every conceivable physical, emotional or mental state.

She accompanied Laing to international conferences in more than forty countries attending workshops, master classes and seminars given by him, many of which Marguerite jointly led, progressively taking a greater role. When not travelling, they resided in Europe.

Following her husband's demise in 1989, Marguerite spent five years in the United States before returning to her native New Zealand where she is raising their teenage son. Marguerite completed a degree in the field has her own clinical practice in Auckland, New Zealand, tutors yoga classes as well as consulting on (therapeutic) interior design and Feng Shui.

January 1998 - December 2001:

Group Psychotherapy Training - Auckland University
Bachelors Degree, Soc. P
External Clinical Practice Supervision

1995 - 1998:

Published 30 page article/chapter in: Mullan, B.,(Ed.)(1997) R.D. Laing, Creative Destroyer. London: Cassell.
Yoga instructor
Residential and Commercial interior design

1992 - 1995 Colorado, USA:

Self employed - commercial and residential interior design
Designed, marketed and facilitated weekly women's groups
Designed, marketed, and facilitated on-going six week therapeutic closed group grief recovery programs in Boulder, Colorado - liaised with local community based organisations

1989 - 1992 Santa Barbara, USA:

Three years ongoing training in multi-layered group, theoretical and experiential workshops and weekend seminar training. Themes were: healing abuse, sexual abuse and violence in relation ships, challenging personal paradigms, addictions and the effects of stress on relationships and professional life - and issues about human bonding.


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