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Theodor Itten

Theodor Itten

The International R.D. Laing Institute


Major Areas of Current Interest & Research

· History of cultural and human sciences
· Interdisciplinary work and research in the mental health professions
· Quality in the treatment methods of communal psychiatry
· The psychology of psychologists
· The World of Psychotherapy and R.D.Laing



Middlesex Polytechnic ( 1988 University ), Enfield - London. Bachelor of Arts (Second Class Honours 1st Division) CNAA in Social Science. Psychologist-Exam for the Membership of the British Psychology Society (BPS).


City University London; Postgraduate Studies for Master of Philosophy. Thesis: An Investigation into Labour, Work and Artistic Creation in Relation to Psychotherapy and with Reference to the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Study of hermeneutics in the human sciences, starting with Wilhelm Dilthey, by Professor Hans Peter Rickman.

Professional Training & Experience


Assistant in Youth and Socialwork in the Swiss Churches London


January-September, Assistant Warden (for 5 months) and Deputy Warden at Highams House, of the Richmond Fellowship, Mental Welfare and Rehabilitation Association, London.


Training in Psychotherapy and Community Therapy at the Philadelphia Association, London; with Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Dr.R.D.Laing, and Francis Huxley, M.A.; Anthropologist and Mythologist. For 9 months, Internship at the Archway-Community as a trainee psychotherapist.Graduated with merit, January 1981


In private practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist in the communal practice Anteros, St.Gallen, Switzerland


In supervision with Dr. Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig, MD Psychiatrist and Jungian Analytic Psychologist


In supervision with Dr. Herman Städeli, MD., child- and adolescent psychiatrist, former founder and director of the East Swiss Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services, St.Gallen


Further training in Rosenberg`s Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), with Jack Lee Rosenberg,Ph.D.,Beverly Kitaen-Morse Ph.D.,Marjorie Rand,Ph.D. (Los Angeles) at the IBP-Institut Winterthur, Switzerland


Practice of play therapy - Institute for Applied Psychology - (IAP) with Renato Biscioni. Ph.D.


Psychotherapeutic approach to Adolescence - IAP, with T.Bertel, M.D., and S.Schmid M.A.Two day course

Personal Experience in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy


Sensitivity Training Group and personal session with Baroness Vera von der Heydt, Jungian Analyst, London


Intensive Group Dynamics Training, at the Headquarters of the Richmond Fellowship London, January 1974


Analytic Psychotherapy and Existential Analysis, with Paul Zeal, B.A. London. Member of the Philadelphia Association


Training-Therapy in Integrative Body Psychotherapy, with Dr. Markus Fischer MD., Director of the IBP-Institute, Winterthur, Switzerland, Training Analyst of the Int.Soc.of IBP, Los Angeles

Consultation & Supervision


External Psychotherapist for the "Arche", Therapeutic Community for Ex-drug addicts, in Bülach


Supervisor of the Team of the therapeutic community Bühler, AR; run by the association "Help for Drug Abusers", St.Gallen


Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Teamconsultant Psychologist, 1 day a week, in "Bad Sonder"children's home of the Kanton St.Gallen, in Teufen


Supervisor of the interdisciplinary team of the practice group, Dornbirn, Psychosocial Health Services, Vorarlberg, Austria


Supervisor of the team of the therapeutic community Baldenwil AR, the association for social therapeutic services, Tosam, Herisau


Supervisor of the team community day care, "Säntisblick" Herisau, of the Appenzell Association for the mentally ill


Supervisor of the team 'Omnibus', Selfhelp Counseling, Bregenz, Austria



Graduate Membership of the British Psychological Society BPS, Elected in the grade of GM on 19th November


Ordinary Member of the Swiss Psychotherapist Association, SPV/ASP


Professional licence as Psychologist/Psychotherapist SPV, Department of Health of the Kanton St.Gallen, 10.August


Professional licence as a Psychotherapist SPV, Department of Health and Social Security of the Kanton Bern, 22.April


Registered with UK-Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Reg.Nr.981140/London

Other Activities

1979 - 81

Co-founder of Waverly 8th Housing Association, Shaftesbury Rd, London N.19

1979 - 80

Working at the Stroud Green After School Centre, Finsbury Park, London N.8


Return to Switzerland. Marriage and founding a family with the birth of our first son, in December 1981. In the following years, job, household and family-sharing Two more sons born in 1983 and 1986


Lecture tour with Dr. Ronald D. Laing in Switzerland (St.Gallen Zurich, Basel Bern) to the theme: 'Ways and Means in Psychiatry'. Organisation and translation. 5-14.November

1982 - 89

Workshops, lectures and seminars with Francis Huxley, M.A. in Switzerland (St.Gallen, Zurich) organised, translated and shared talks given about anthropology and mythology


Organisation and moderation of lectures, art exhibition in the Gemeinschaftspraxis Anteros, St.Gallen, to social, cultural and spiritual issues, with guest lecturers such as: Dr. Adolf Holl, Theologian and author Vienna, Dr.Rupert Sheldrake, Natural Scientist, London, Peter Goldman, Psychotherapist, Kent, Dr. Loren R. Mosher, Psychiatrist, San Diego, Johanna Walser, author, Basel, Dr. Arno Gruen, Psychoanalyst, Zürich, Dr. Marc Rufer, Psychoanalyst Zurich, Peter Lehmann, Mental Patient Union, Berlin

1991 - 93

Cooperation in the research project: "How do monsters become human beings?" Federal Department of Science and Research, Vienna. Run by the Institute for Cultural Studies Vienna. Project leader Univ.-Doz.D Dr.Adolf Holl, Vienna


Elected (5.Oct) into the Council of the Swiss Foundation " Pro Mente Sana" (PMS) (equiv. to MIND) Since 3.March, 1994 in the Council of Management of PMS

1992 - 94

Member of the project committee of the Government Canton Bern: "Evaluation of the Psychiatric Services of the Canton Bern", as a member of PMS

1993 - 00

Founder and project leader of "Villa Therapeutica", the R.D.Laing Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychosocial services in St.Gallen. Association founded Nov.1994

1994 - 98

Member of the directorate of the Reading Association of the Village Rehetobel, (Political association), Co-president (2 years) and treasurer (2 years)

1996 - 00

Moderator of the Psychoses-Trialogue Seminar in St.Gallen, Organised by PMS. Ex-mental patients union and VASK

1999 - 00

President of the professional education counselling committee, of the Canton Appenzell ARh. by the Swiss Association Pro Juventute


Member of the Council of The Swiss Association of Psychotherapy ASPV



Associate Member of the Philadelphia Association, Charity,London
Graduate Member of the British Psychology Society
Member of the Swiss Psychotherapeutic Association
Member of the Swiss Foundation Pro Mente Sana
Member of the Swiss Association of Socialpsychiatry
Member of the IBP-Institute Winterthur, Switzerland
Registered Member with UK- Council of Psychotherapy - London


1976 France - Students on the Streets. Middlesex Politechnic Student Paper, p.7.

1987 Das Falsche Selbst. Zur Anthropologie von Francis Huxley. St.Galler Tagblatt, 3.7; Horizonte.

1989 "Es stört mich nicht ein Mensch zu sein". Interview durch E.Baumberger, zum Tod von R.D.Laing, St.Galler Tagblatt, 25.August, S.2.

1989 Gleiches Heilt Gleiches. Die Philadelphia Association London. Pro Mente Sana (PMS) Aktuell, Zürich, Nr.2, S.22-23.

1991 Die Schätze der Dunkelheit.(mit Heidemarie Krolak Itten), PMS-Aktuell, Nr.2, S.36.

1996 Katharinahof Einsiedeln und Villa Therapeutica - Zwei Projekte im Strudel des KVG. (mit U. Ruegg) PMS-Aktuell, Nr.2, S.16-19.

Books and Journals

2002 (& M.Fischer) Eds: Jack Lee Rosenberg - Celebrating a Master Psychotherapist - A Festschrift in Honor his 70th Birthday. IBP-Books, St.Gallen

2003 Editor: News Letter à jour of the Swiss Psychotherapeutic Association, Zürich

2003 Editor: Psychotherapie Forum Supplement Schweiz (Springer Verlag, Wien)

Chapters and Essays

1982 Toelichten bij M.Bleuler`s Stellingname de Geschiedenis van de Psychiatrie. In: Erik Penen Hrg. Strategie van de Kleinschaligheid, K.U.Leuven, Belgien, S.65-75.

1990 Traumtod : Todestraum. In: Adolf Holl Hrg. Neues vom Tod. Ueberreuter Verlag Wien, S.127-148.

1993 Von der Anti-Psychiatrie zur Av-Antipsychiatrie. In: PMS-Aktuell, Nr.1, S.27-29.

1993 Persönliche Beweggründe für antipsychiatrisches Handeln. In : Kerstin Kempker & Peter Lehman Hrg. Statt Psychiatrie. P.Lehman Anti-Psychiatrie Verlag, Berlin. S.407-410.

1993 In der Villa Therapeutica. In: Adolf Holl Hrg. MONSTREN. Sondernummmer "manuskripte", für teirischen Herbst, Zeitschrift für Literatur, Graz, Jg.33, Heft 121a, S.5-15. Auch in : Wie werden aus Monstren Menschen. "manuskripte" Jg.33, Heft 121, S.5-15.

1994 Die Zerrissene Seele. R.D. Laing im Gespräch. In: PMS-Aktuell, Nr.2, S.15-17.

1995 Villa Therapeutica - St.Gallen. Projektvorstellung. In: K.E.Brill Hrg. Die Soteria - Idee lebt. Dachverband Psychosozialer Hilfsvereinigungen, Bonn. S.99-108.

1997 R.D.Laing - Fair Well. In: Bob Mullan Ed. R.D.Laing - Creative Destroyer. Cassel Publisher, London. S.144-177.

2000 Heiter gestimmt. In: Adolf Holl - Zwischen Wirklichkeit und Wahrheit. Wespennest Sonderheft Mai 2000, Wien, S.66-71

2001 Aesclepian Psychotherapie. In Existential Analysis 12.1.-J.Soc.for Exist.Anal.London, S.48-64

2001 Laing in Austria. In: Janus Head - An Interdisciplinary Journal, Pittsburg. S.69-89

2002 A Variation on Jack Lee Rosenberg's Picture of Human Nature. In: Th. Itten & M. Fischer, Eds. Jack Lee Rosenberg IBP-Books, St.Gallen S.172-183

2002 From R.D. Laing to Jack Lee Rosenberg - A note on a peculiar Psycho-Analytic Tradition. In: Th. Itten & M. Fischer Edition Jack Lee Rosenberg - Celebrating a Master Psychotherapist. IBP-Books, St.Gallen S.54-70

2003 Kultivieren wir unsere Lebenskunst - Das aktuelle Interview. In: Treffpunkt Nr. 8, 19 Juni 2003, Zurich, pp. 9-10.

2003 NutzerInnenorientierung - ist das nicht ein alter Hut? In: pro mente sana aktuell 3/03, Zurich, pp.26-28

Book Reviews

1990 Jesus weint. Der Krieg gegen die Psychisch Kranken. Nach `Holocaust`:Erkennen-Trauern-Begegnen. Verfasst und Zusammengestellt von Klaus Dörner u.a. Mabuse-/Psychiatrie Verlag Bonn. In: PMS-Aktuell Nr.4, S.34.35.

1991 Ekstase und weise Keuschheit. Der Fisch aus der Tiefe. Adolf Holl, Rowohlt Verlag. In: St.Galler Tagblatt, Samstag 9.März, Kultur, Bund 3/S.3.

1993 Ausgelesen. Wo Engel zögern. G.Bateson & M.C.Bateson. Suhrkamp Verlag. In:Spuren 29,S.58.

1993 Psychiatrie in der Gemeinde: Grundlagen und Praxis. Loren R.Mosher & Lorenzo Burti, Psychiatrie Verlag, Bonn. In: Krankenpflege, Nr.10,S.35. und PMs-Aktuell Nr.3,S.36.

1998 Wenn Holl Papst wäre...Falls ich Papst werden sollte. Ein Szenario. Adolf Holl. List Verlag München. In: Tagblatt, St.Gallen. Montag 21.Dezember, S.13.

2000 Feuchte Augen in der Psychiatrie. MIT-GIFT. Kerstin Kempker. P.Lehmann Antipsychiatrieverlag Berlin. In: PMS_Aktuell 4/00, Zürich. S.30-31

2002 The Crucible of Experience: R.D.Laing and the Crisis of Psychotherapy. By Daniel Burston. Harvard Univ. Press 2000 In: The European Legacy, Vol.7, No.6, pp.810-812

Radio Interviews

ORF 2 1991 Die Tatsachen des Lebens. 20.5.1991 um 20.05. Produzent: Guntram Pfluger, Dornbirn.

HRT 3 1999 Nastanak eskulapske psihoterapije ( The Emergence of an Aesclepian Psychotherapie, Vortrag am 2.Weltkongress für Psychotherapie in Wien, 8.Juli 1999). Gesendet am 12.9.99 um 22.30. Produzentin: Ljiljana Filipovic, Zagreb.

HRT 3 2001 SMRT U SNU: SNOVI O SMRTI (Traumtod:Todesträume, in 'Neues vom Tod'-Hrg.A.Holl, 1990) Gesendet am 23.12. und 30.12.2001. Produzentin: Ljiljana Filipovic, Zagreb.


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