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Steven L. Gans

Steven Gans, Ph.D.,NCPsyA,C.Ht


Dr. Steven Gans is a Healing Arts Practitioner, a Philosopher, a Psychoanalyst, a Hypnotherapist and an Executive Coach.

He began his career as an Academic Philosopher receiving his Ph.D. from Penn State University and teaching at a small New England College.

His interest in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophic Practices led him to study Psychoanalysis in London, England under the world famous Existential Psychoanalyst R.D. Laing.

Dr. Gans founded the first MA Program in Humanistic Counseling and Psychotherapy in the U.K. at Antioch University, London. He also founded and directed the University of Maryland's Study in London Program and the London branch of The Institute for Management Studies (IMS).

After completing his Analytic Training he became a Member of Laing's Philadelphia Association, joined it's faculty and training committee and went into private practice.

Dr. Gans has practiced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in London for over 25 years. He has written extensively for academic journals and books on Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Healing Practice and Heart Wisdom. His book, co-authored with Dr. Leon Redler, Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy develops and expands the Laingian tradition by emphasizing responsibility, goodness and justice in addition to the power of love and holistic integration to heal.

As a result of his training in Hypnotherapy at The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts Dr.Gans has developed a Psychoanalytic Hypnotherapy to accelerate the healing work and progress of his clients.

-- Dr. Gans is now available for online consultations though his --
Virtual Office.
You will be heard from the heart by a good ear. By learning how to listen well and
be heard you will find your relationship healing. Dr. Gans has been in practice
for over 30 years.
--------------- · -----------------

Born: New York City l941
High School: G.W. Wingate High School. Graduated 1959.
Undergraduate Queen's College. Graduated l963.


Major: Philosophy.

Graduate Studies: The Pennsylvania State University.
M.A. l967. Thesis: Diotimas Lesson in Eros: A Commentary on Plato's Symposium

Ph.D. l967. Thesis: An Analysis of the Philosophical Methodology of Martin Heidegger
Special Interest: Phenomenology, History of Philosophy and Philosophical Psychology.


Greek - Reading ability
German - Reading and some speaking ability
French - Reading ability


Pennsylvania State University - 1964-7.
Humanities. Windham College - l967-74.

Assistant Professor, Putney, Vermont, Phenomenology, History of Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Science and Social Science, Logic, Philosophy of Education.

Richmond College - l974-78.
Phenomenological Psychology, Existentialism, Aesthetics.

University of Maryland, University College, Overseas Division, Instructor l976-84.

University of Maryland, Study in London Programme - l979 - 1993
Teaching: Political Philosophy and Aesthetics.

Administrative Experience:

Antioch University, London Centre - l977-1981.
Associate Director, M.A. in Humanistic Psychology programme.
Teaching: Philosophical Psychology, Social Phenomenology.

University of Maryland, Study in London Programme - l979-1993
Resident Director.

London Institute for Management Studies - Chairman l984-2001

Special Professional Experience:

l974-81: Trained as a Psychotherapist with The Philadelphia Association.
l981- 2001: Member of the Philadelphia Association,
1985-2001: Member of the PA Training Committee
l982- 2001: In private practice. Registered: UKCP, Analytic Psychotherapy Section
2001-present: In private practice. Southwest Institite of Healing Arts,Tempe,Az. NCPsyA, C.Ht
Maresfield Curnow General Consulting Skills Programme - completed December 1993

Editorial Board, European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Health

External Examiner for Middlesex University Validation of Metanoia and Institute for Psychosynthesis


"Ethics or Ontology: Heidegger and Levinas" Philosophy Today, Summer l972.

Review, "Heidegger, Kant and Time," by C. Sherover. Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, Fall l974.

Review, "The Truth of Freedom", by J.M. Anderson. Interpretation, V10, No. 1, January l982.

"Heidegger and the Question of Truth", in Heidegger and Language, Parosia Press l981

"Heidegger on Art" in Seminar V 1981.

"Response to Clark" in Tribute to the Philosophy of J.M. Anderson, 1981.

"Schematism and Embodiment". Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology V13, No. 3, October, 1982.

"Levinas and Pontalis. Meeting the Other as in a Dream" in The Provocation of Levinas: The Question of the Other, Routledge & Kegan Paul 1987.

"The Play of Difference: Derrida vs. Lacan in Reading Poe's Purloined Letter" in Thresholds Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, Free Association Press 1989.

"Questioning Existential Analysis Today." Journal of the Society of Existential Analysis, No l, l990.

"Freud and Levinas: Talmudic Inflections in Ethics and Psychoanalysis" in Facing the Other: The Ethics of Emmanuel Levinas ed. Sean Hand, Curzon Jewish Philosophy Series, 1996

"Lacan and Levinas: Toward an Ethical Psychoanalysis" Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology Vol. 28, No 1 January 1997

"Levinas and the Question of the Group" in What is a Group? - A Fresh Look at Theory in Practice ed. Chris Oakley. Rebus Press, 1998

"Doing It Again: Obsessions" in The European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Health Vol. I No. 3 December 1998 Routledge

"Awakening to Love: Ronnie Laing’s Phenomenological Therapy" in The European Journal of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Health. Vol 2 No 2, August 1999 and reprinted in The Psychoanalytic Review. Vol 87,No 4 August 2000

"What is Ethical Analysis?" in the Journal ot the Society for Existential Analysis. Vol 2, July 1999

Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy co-author Leon Redler. Xlibris/Random House. 2001.

"Remembering Ronnie" with Leon Redler, in Janus Head Vol. 4.1, Spring 2001

 The Little Book of Goodness, Booklocker. September, 2003.


"Hermeneutics and Relationship" read at annual meeting of British Society for Phenomenology, Oxford, March 1975.

"Hegel and Husserl on 'What is the Point of Philosophy'", University of Warwick, July 1977.

"Toward a Phenomenological Theory and Practice", City University, October 1977.

"Heidegger on the Question of Truth and the Future of Philosophy", University of Warwick, July 1978.

"Heidegger on 'Art, Truth and Man'", City University, November 1979.

"Schematism and Embodiment", Manchester University, July 1980.

"Lacan and Derrida on Poe", Irish Philosophical Society, Belfast October 1986.

"Lacanian Psychoanalysis: The Question of Context", Lacan in London II, Middlesex Polytechnic, April 1987.

"Doing It Again: Obsessions". Freud Museum - Speculations Lecture, October l990.

"The Lapsed Subject" ICA October 1993

Ethical Psychoanalysis: Lacan and Levinas, The British Society for Phenomenology Annual Conference April 1995

"The Ethical Dimension of Psychoanalytic Practice" London Centre for Psychotherapy, Feb. 1997

"Just Listening – The Ethical Foundations of Psychoanalysis" IFPE Nov. 1998 New York

"What is a Psychoanalyst?" Lacan and the British Tradition November 1998

"Awakening to Love: Ronnie Laing's Phenomenological Therapy". Saybrook Graduate School, 13/14 March 1999 

Professional Memberships:

British Society for Phenomenology
Society for Existential Analysis


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