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Margreta Carr

Margreta Carr
Site Administrator


Margreta Carr deferred a degree in Philosophy and French Literature to eventually graduate from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (Social Work). After working primarily in clinical social work settings, in the early 1990's Margreta & family relocated to Scotland, where she worked in front-line positions in residential care, crisis intervention, and as manager of a community-based women & children's centre. Following qualification for the Central Council on Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW) Practice Teaching Award, she supervised qualifying social work students on locum placement, and having taken the responsibility to develop theory-based practice more seriously than some, soon earned the title Dark Angel of Systems Theory, an approach to practice that was relatively under-represented in the curriculum at the time (in her opinion).

While in Scotland, she published a paper on skills and self-esteem in user management groups, and was interviewed on BBC Radio 1's The Slice and on ITV's Scottish Action. In addition to having the good fortune to undertake meaningful social work practice in Edinburgh, Margreta was also lucky to have formed many lasting acquaintances and friendships within the University of Edinburgh's circle of philosophers and students.

On returning to Canada in 1998, Margreta worked as business manager of a counselling training and research centre, which she left in order to follow through on a long-term dream of having her own needlework design company. Margreta registered the domain for that purpose, and while the domain had other ideas, it has held true over the years to the spirit of de caelo, from the Latin 'from heaven', which also to the ancient Romans meant something inspired, as it hosts only websites that are the labours of love of her own and of others. Most notable among these, the domain hosts the (Margreta) redesigned unofficial r.d. laing site, begun by Phil Dore in 1998 and now managed by J. Scott Hamilton.

For the past three years Margreta has worked as a freelance writer and web designer for artists and musicians, and continues to vow on a daily basis that she is still going to open her needlework company one day.


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