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Shamanism & Rebirth


Entheogens and Psychotherapy
Andrew Feldmár

Dr. Love and Mr. Death: What Do Men Desire?
Andrew Feldmár

The Topography of Love
David Cooper

The Thread of Life
Geza Róheim

The Foetus as a Personality
Sir A.W. Liley

The Shaman/Therapist: Imagination, Creativity and Vision [External]
Chapter 6 from Dreamhealing, by the Asklepia Foundation

Dancing With the Trickster: Notes For A Transpersonal Autobiography [External]
Stanley Krippner


Wholistic Healing Research
A website maintained by Dr. Daniel Benor, M.D., who shares the wealth of his studies into alternative forms of healing, a generous archive of articles is available online, including backissues of the International Journal of Healing and Caring

Shamanic Circles
Shamanic Circles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering global shamanic community. The online resource holds a considerable archive of excellent articles by Karen Kelly, among others.

Mary Barnes
Devoted to the life and work of Mary Barnes, internationally-recognised painter, former resident of Kingley Hall whose descent into psychosis forms the subject of her co-authored book, Mary Barnes: Two Accounts of a Journey Through Madness.

The Asklepia Foundation
The Asklepia Foundation is a non-profit research/educational institution and spiritual organization which provides services and outreach to the local and global community....A process-goal of the Foundation is the reintegration of therapy, spirituality and science; purposes include raising appreciation for the value of dreams and REM, training mentors and conducting research in CRP and Consciousness Engineering, as well as publishing. Asklepios (Gr.) or Aesculapius (Rom.) is the god of spontaneous psychophysical healing through non-interpretive dream processes. Asklepia Foundation continues to honor and further this tradition by creating a sacred precinct devoted to dreams and healing.

The Intuition Network
The purpose of the Intuition Network is to help create a world in which all people feel encouraged to cultivate and use their inner, intuitive resources. The Intuition Network has made available online, full transcripts from the televised series Thinking Allowed: Conversations On The Leading Edge Of Knowledge and Discovery.

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