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Methods - Appendix: Transcript of the Demonstration 1

151 L: So it it stands to reason if I believe in a conspiracy,
152 people are going to act like conspirators.

153 T: Yeoh. So far, okay.

154 L: Yeah.

155 T: [laughs]

156 L: Yeah, but I told Dr. Stumpf, he walked in to [clears
157 throat] the room just as I was saying something
158 negative about doctors. [laughs]

159 T: [laughs]

160 L: But he denied that he heard it.

161 T: What? Who walked in the room, Peter?

162 L: Huh?

163 T: Just as (.) Who walked in the room just as when you
164 were saying something?

165 L: Dr. Stumpf.

166 T: Ahuh ah.

167 L: (3) But I don't know, maybe I expected him to walk in
168 when I said something negative about doctors. I mean,
169 they try. [laughs]

170 T: Well, that sorta thing happens, is happening all the
171 time, I mean, I don't I I I eh I don't see wha y' making a
172 special point of that about?

173 L: Whata ya mean?

174 T: I don't see why (.) you are making a special point of
175 telling me that eh eh just now since that sorta thing as
176 you know I know and um I know you know happens all
177 the time anyway.

178 L: Yeah. Well, cause cause they are watching us.

179 T: [chuckles] Yeah, huh, alright (gotta stop) [laughs] (8)
180 Well, I mean, this whole sit up set up is an enormous
181 conspiracy and you're right in eh, right in the heart of
182 the conspiracy just now.

183 L: Ump.

184 T: So eh if you haven't [laughs, coughs] if you, if you if
185 you came to Phoenix to get away from the conspiracy,
186 you haven't done very well. [laughs]

187 L: What do you mean?

188 T: Well, you're sitting here in this situation.

189 L: You mean the conference is a conspiracy?

190 T: Yah. Course.

191 L: What kind of a conspiracy?

192 T: [clears throat] Eh, well, I've got a I've got a plane
193 booked eh, to get to Boston Sunday, so I'm not going
194 to say what sorta conspiracy is because I want to go on
195 that plane in a, in good order as far as I'm concerned.
196 No, I think it is quite a benign conspiracy. It certainly a
197 very concerted deep plan and it involves eh it's much
198 wider than the people who are actually here. Seven
199 thousand people=

200 L: Huh?

201 T: =have flown in and and that's a minor conspiracy eh in
202 terms of the galaxy but it's quite a big conspiracy.

203 L: Oh, well, what do you know about it.

204 T: Huh?

205 L: What do you know about it?

206 T: Well, I think it's eh, ah (2) I think the universal mind is
207 eh has been asleep abit eh as far as this planet goes, I
208 mean in this galaxy eh eh that eh and this uh planet it's
209 it's it's a it's sorta itching abit. And it's sorta waking up
210 abit and sorta doin' something about it now (.) through
211 us=

212 L: If it's capable of doing anything.

213 T: Auh auh Well, Jesus Christ has got no other hands but
214 ours.

215 L: Oh.

216 T: It's only capable of doing what we do. I mean, as far as
217 (.)we'reconcerned.

218 L: Are you a Christian?

219 T: Well, that depends who I'm talking to [laughs]=

220 L: Well, just tell me that=

221 T: If I'm talking to you? Well,ah I'm not sure what l
222 should say about that eh, itja ah ah I'm a Christian in
223 the sense that Jesus Christ wasn't eh crucified isn't
224 wasn't crucified between two candlesticks in a
225 cathedral, he was crucified in the town garbage heap
226 between two thieves, in that sense I'm a Christian.

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Hermeneutic Research on Psychotherapy. Methods: A Journal For Human Science
[Special Issue, Annual Edition].
Guest Editor: Martin J. Packer. University of Dallas, 2000.

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