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Methods - Appendix: Transcript of the Demonstration 1


T: Laing (therapist)
L: Leila
r ( ) inaudible reading
(word) tentative reading
[ ] nonverbal activity
(3) pause of approximately 3 seconds
(.) very brief pause
= no gap between utterances (latching)
italics marks stress, emphasis.

1 T: Can't hear you, uh

2 L: (They) can't hear me?

3 T: I can hear you now, yes.

4 L: Says, he says when you when you try to torture him,
5 he's going to get, get a parachute and bailout.

6 T: Uh, huh. To the nether regions,

7 L: Huh?

8 T: To the upper regions.

9 L: To the what?

10 T: To the nether or upper regions. Anyway Leila

11 L: Huh?

12 T: Ah, I don't know anything about (.) you at all, ah, and I
13 don't know what (.) to ask you about yourself.

14 L: [laughs]

15 T: [laughs] What do, what would you feel that ah=

16 L: [laughs] I don't know... [laughs]

17 T: =appropriate to say under the circumstances=

18 L: [laughs] I don't know. [laughs]

19 T: Is there anything that eh (.) ah do you feel that your
20 situation is okay for you just now? Or er, you say, you
21 tell me coming over that you are taking some
22 Nux Vomica to=

23 L: =Yeah.

24 T: =to calm your=

25 L: =Yeah.=

26 T: =system down eh=

27 L: and to sharpen my stupid wits.

28 T: Huh, what is it, what is it that's creating the static in you
29 system, the disturbance in your system?

30 L: Oh, um, I think my brain don't work right.

31 T: In what way?

32 L: [laughs] Well, let me see. Well, I guess, I get the
33 Nux Vomic doesn't treat this per se, I'm getting another
34 remedy for that. Well, I get things tumed around, I get
35 opposites confused, I get (.) when I write, I get my
36 letters confused, I get words confused. (.) And, eh,
37 either I tend to be paranoid or errr, they really are after
38 me I don't know which.

39 T: Hum, so you are not sure whether you are confused
40 about that or not eh?

41 L: About what?

42 T: About whether they really are after you or not, eh?

43 L: Well, he sounds like it.

44 T: What, him?

45 L: Oh, yeah. [laughs]

46 T: [laughs] You might be after me, for all I know.

47 L: Oh, I'm just trying to help you guys um get some sense
48 into your brains. I don't know if it's worth it though,
49 you know. I I had a guru for a long time who said da
50 there isn't any sense in it. What you gotta do ta ta be
51 able to perceive reality is attain a level of
52 consciousness which he offered which I never attained
53 which is he said, beyond (.) the mind. It is completely
54 above the mind.

55 T: What sort of guru is this character?

56 L: This is guru Mahandi.

57 T: Ah, well, what d'you take'm to mean by that, beyond
58 the mind, or above the mind?

59 L: Well, whatever it is I couldn't imagine with my mind
60 cause it's beyond the mind. Or I suppose, it's some sort
61 of, I suppose, it involves a universal, being conscious
62 of the universal consciousness. You know everybody is
63 subconsciously aware of um everybody else's mind.
64 Well, you know that. I've seen that. I've seen you read
65 my mind.

66 T: I don't see how you can be conscious of the universal
67 mind, the universal mind's conscious of you but you're
68 not conscious of it.

69 L: How's that?

70 T: (Here we go!) [chuckles]

71 L: Well, maybe so maybe so, I mean yeah maybe out of
72 my bitterness I just say, well, the universal mind you
73 know don't know anything, heh (.) I maybe, I say that
74 because because um I look around and I don't see I
75 don't see any superior intelligence taking care of
76 anything.
77 T: (5) How would ya er, expect to see a- you you mean all
78 the pain and suffering and stupidity and confusion in
79 the world how can there by a universal mind if a
80 universal mind allows that sorta stuff to go on?

81 L: Yeah, especially stupidity.

82 T: Uh. So either the the maybe the either the universal
83 mind is eh stupid itself or it's mad itself or it doesn't
84 exist.

85 L: Oh, it exists. It might be the sum total of the human
86 minds; but it it exists.

87 T: Well are you trying to, well, I mean, I've spent a lot of
88 time trying to work out eh, how that can, ah, be the
89 case, if it is the case. But, I haven't found any answer to
90 that (.) myself. But, eh I I still put a collar and tie on
91 under the circumstances. (.) Why not? Heh, heh.

92 L: Yeah. I asked him why he didn't kill himself and he
93 says he not ready yet.

94 T: Uh huh.

95 L: Well, I guess if you're dead, you blow any chance of
96 make, of doing anything good, huh

97 T: This time round.

98 L: Huh?

99 T: This time round anyway. (5) If we were just sitting
100 here without these uh, uh cameras on us and these
101 microphones, I wouldn't say anything just now. But, eh
102 I feel impelled to eh eh make an effort to keep talking
103 for the sake of eh people who are listening to it. Maybe
104 shouldn't bother.

105 L: Are people listening to this?

106 T: Yeah! A whole lot of people are listening that's part ah=

107 L: Huh?

108 T: eh

109 L: Wait, nobody told me tha tha tha the camers uz on.

110 T: The cameras (.) er, that guy's got, er as far as I know,
111 he's got the camera eh on just now and there are a
112 whole lot of people listening too.

113 L: Geeze, I wouldn't have talked about that stuff, if I had
114 known the camera's on.

115 T: It doesn't matter, it does ma um [laughs] (2) How long
116 you been in Phoenix, then?

117 L: A year and a half.

118 T: And what brought you to Phoenix?

119 L: I was trying to escape the conspiracy and it didn't work.

120 T: And what conspiracy?

121 L: Well, if there is one I suppose you're a conspirator and
122 so you know already. If there isn't, I guess I just
123 imagined it.

124 T: Well, ah whether or not I'm a conspirator and whether
125 or not you are imagining it, are you prepared to er eh
126 ah ah give me your account of what that conspiracy is?

127 L: As much as I can figure out, yeah.

128 T: Well, go ahead.

129 L: Ea, well, I think a conspiracy (.) doesn't exist so I just
130 don't think about it. If I don't think about it, it is not
131 there too much. But, then, people like Peter, people like
132 Dr. Stumpf, ea you know, they tend ta make me believe
133 in it again, so [sigh] so I try to avoid those people. I'm
134 not going to talk to you any more. [to person off
135 screen] No he's alright=

136 T: [laughs]

137 L: =(When he talks about) his job.

138 T: Is it a benign conspiracy or a malign conspiracy is it?

139 L: Huh, wha, well

140 T: Is it a conspiracy for good or for evil?

141 L: How the heck if I know but if anybody messes with me
142 like that I don't care. But you what I figure, is , you
143 see the mind creates a whole lot of things. You know, I
144 mean, I see mind as really powerful, and and people
145 subconsciously their minds always interact. They do.
146 I've seen that=

147 T: Yeah

148 L: =You know (3) and um, people see what they expect to
149 see.

150 T: wa

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Hermeneutic Research on Psychotherapy. Methods: A Joumal For Human Science
[Special Issue, Annual Edition].
Guest Editor: Martin J. Packer. University of Dallas, 2000.

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