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In Person


Methods: Hermeneutic Research on Psychotherapy
Special Issue, Annual Edition 2000 examining Laing's interview with Leila. Transcript of the interview is Appended.
· Transcript of the Interview with "Leila"

R.D. Laing: What Was Therapeutic About That?
Commentary on the Interview with Christy (aka Leila) from the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, 1985.
CF Clark

''The Use of Existential Phenomenology in Psychotherapy" by R.D. Laing, with discussion by Thomas Szasz and comments by Paul Watzlawickfrom: Jeffrey Zeig (editor). The Evolution of Psychotherapy 1987

The Emergence of an Aesclepian Psychotherapy
Theodor Itten

Laing and Psychotherapy
John M. Heaton

Laing's Existential-Humanistic Practice: What Was He Actually Doing?
Kirk J. Schneider

Comprehending Madness: The Contextualization of Psychopathology in the Work of R.D. Laing
Brent Potter

The Paths of Soul-Making: Notes on a peculiar psycho-analytic tradition
Theodor Itten

Stystemic Therapy & Communications Theory

The Double Bind: The intimate tie between behaviour and communication
Patrice Guillaume

Freud & Jung

Freud, The Serpent, and the Sexual Enlightenment of Children
Daniel Burston

Incest in Jung's Work: the origins of epistomophilic instinct [external]
Coline Covington

A cacophony of theories: contributions towards a story-based understanding of analytic treatments [external]
Soren R. Ekstrom

The case of Joan: classical, archetypal, and developmental approaches [external]
Excerpt from The Cambridge Companion to Jung

Existential & Daseinsanalysis

Family, Phenomenology and Schizophrenia in R.D. Laing
Daniel Burston

Paradoxes in the Therapeutic Relationship [external]
Magda Denes


Full Spectrum Progressive Mental Health
Full Spectrum is an innovative, not-for-profit mental health center in San Francisco. The Center offers both the full range of standard psychotherapy services and day programs for adults and adolescents. The day programs integrate psychology, body-oriented therapy, art and play therapy into an effective, interdisciplinary support system. Full Spectrum helps people in crisis avoid hospitalization. They believe in addressing the whole person, mind and body; in helping people heal, not just cope; in identifying causes and solutions rather than simply managing "symptoms." The Center also seeks alternatives to medications and offers medication reduction services.

Society for Existential Analysis (SEA)
Particular attention is given to the impact of an existential and phenomenological approach to counselling and psychotherapy. Most of the Society's 350 members are counsellors, psychotherapists, philosophers and students. The Society is a member of the International Federation of Daseinsanalysis and is in the process of becoming a registering organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.
Major specialist Journals include:
The Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis (UK)

International Organization for Daseinsanalysis (IVDA)
In addition to a first-rate introductory essay on the origin and scope of daseinsanalysis, the IVDA site a list of selected literature and the member organizations of the IVDA.

Existential-Humanistic Institute
The goal of the Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) via both its curriculum and newsletters is to support existentially and humanistically informed psychologies and psychotherapies throughout the world. Excellent reading to be found in the (newly designed) EHI website's Articles section.

International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses (ISPS)
ISPS aims to protect and expand the place of psychological interventions in the care of people with psychosis, recognising the need to be inclusive of all forms of psychotherapy and psychological intervention and to advocate effectively for resources and support for a renaissance of psychological intervention. ISPS advocates a non-reductionistic stance, inclusiveness, recognition of common factors across approaches, respect for and comfort with appropriate use of novel antipsychotic and other drug therapies, and commitment to an evidence-based approach.

Mind and Human Interaction
A quarterly journal published by the
Center for the Study of Mind & Human Interaction combines the perspectives of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, diplomacy, political science, history, sociology, and anthropology to provide in-depth analysis of the psychological processes beneath the surface of conflict, acculturation, ethnonational identity, and other aspects of human relations.

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis
Offers selected articles from each issue online for free, and a searchable archive of abstracts from back issues. In addition to specialised topic journals, IJP also publishes the main papers and panel reports from the International Psychoanalytical Association's Congresses, book reviews, obituaries, and correspondence.

European Psycho-Analytical Federation (English)
The European Psycho-Analytical Federation (EPF), the representational body of all European psychoanalytical societies, incorporates around 3,900 members coming from 19 European countries in which 16 languages are spoken. The EPF aims to support and uphold the tradition of psychoanalysis, to encourage the intercommunication of European psychoanalysts and to cultivate scientific exchange with other fields of science. In English, French and German.

International Psychoanalytical Association [IPA] (English)
In addition to information on the IPA organization, the site provides information on its educational activities, conference programmes and papers, research reports, a message forum, and a list of links to IPA Component and other organizations worldwide, psychoanalytic centres, and some relevant Internet resources.

Psychopathology of Everyday Life
The complete text online in the York University (Canada)
CHP Index

Freud: Conflict and Culture
A special exhibition by the Library of Congress.

Poetry of the Countertransference A thoroughly researched portal to pyschoanalytic resources online. The directories include an excellent page of links to free psych journals online as well as a comprehensive list of international organisations.

C.G. Jung Analytical Psychology Club of London (UK)
The Club was founded in 1922 by close associates of C. G. Jung. Now in its 81st year, it continues to keep alive the feeling of community shared by those with experience of a Jungian analysis, and provides a forum for the exploration of Jung's ideas and concepts in a non-professional environment. Most of our activities are open to non-members and we invite their participation. The Club maintains a Library for the use of Members, Friends of the Club and training-group students. The biannual journal of Jungian studies,
HARVEST, is published for the Club by Karnac Books.

The Spring Journal
The Spring Journal is the oldest Jungian journal in the world. It was started in 1941 by the Analytical Psychology Club of New York and edited by Jane Pratt until 1969. In 1970 James Hillman became its editor and moved the journal and its publication to Zürich, Switzerland.

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