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Politics of Diagnosis


R.D. Laing: The Politics of Mind
Paul Levine

The Language of Madness
David Cooper

Sanity, Madness and Science: R.D. Laing and Critical Psychology
Ron Roberts

Minute Particulars No. 11
Andrew Feldmár

Audietur et Altera Pars
by Juan Galis-Menendez

On Knowing Where You Stand
David Cooper

"Ticktin's Syndrome", or, The Post-Psychiatric Post Confusional State
Stephen Jan Ticktin

A Model Consent Form for Psychiatric Drug Treatment
David Cohen, Ph.D., and David Jacobs, Ph.D.

Soliloquy or Psychosis? A Cultural Look at Schizophrenia
Michael B. Scher

On Being Sane in Insane Places
David L. Rosenhan

Classification and Treatment of the Patient
Victor Barbetti

R.D. Laing and the Politics of Diagnosis
Daniel Burston

The Critical Psychology of R.D. Laing
by Carl Ratner. Originally published in Telos


Support Coalition International - sponsored site provides up to the minute news and resources in the campaign for human rights in the mental health system.

Asylum Online
The Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry, Incorporating the Newsletter of Psychology Political Resistance

Website of The Critical Psychiatry Network, acampaigning group that seeks to influence psychiatric practice by advancing its views through representative action and educational activities.

La Gazette des Fous Rebelles
In French, English, German and Spanish, this site is home to "Rebels to Forced Psychiatric Treatment," and a periodical gazette.

PostmodernTherapies News
The Newsletter for a listserv for postmodern therapists. It contains articles on major postmodern thinkers and relates them to the issues of psychotherapy.

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