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Philosophy & Religion


"Transcendental Experience in Relation to Religion and Psychosis"
Laing, R. D.

La primauté de l'expérience en philosophie et en théologie
Lise Villemaire

The Heresy of Self-Love: A Study in Subversive Individualism
Paul Zweig

The Death of the Family
David Cooper

The Inner is the Outer
David Cooper

Nietzsche and Rank: Precursors of Existential Humanistic Psychology
Kirk J. Schneider

An Existential-Phenomenological Investigation of the Self in Schizoid and Psychotic Processes:
A Hypothetical Dialogue between Jean-Paul Sartre & R.D. Laing

Ian C. Edwards

R.D. Laing's Language of Experience
Gavin Miller

R.D. Laing as a Negative Thinker
Scott Bortle

Cognition and Community: The Scottish Philosophical Context of the "Divided Self"
Gavin Miller

R.D. Laing
Gavin Miller

Existential Knots: Laing's Anti-psychiatry and Kierkegaard's Existentialism [external]
Antonio Palomo-Lamarca

R.D. Laing and Caritas
Stephen Kierulff

The Legacy of Freud
Richard Webster

The Jewish Mystical Tradition and Psychoanalysis [external]
Joseph H. Berke

"This is Gold": Freud, Psychotherapy and the Lurianic Kabbalah [external]
Sanford L. Drob


Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology (PPP) focuses on the area of overlap among philosophy, psychiatry, and abnormal psychology. The journal advances philosophical inquiry in psychiatry and abnormal psychology while making clinical material and theory more accessible to philosophers.
Sample issue

Psychotherapy and Politics International
Edited by Nick Totton, Consulting Editor Andrew Samuels
This new journal explores the manifold connections and interactions between politics and psychotherapy, both in theory and in practice. It focuses on the application to political problematics of thinking that originates in the field of psychotherapy, and equally on the application within the field of psychotherapy of political concepts and values. This journal will appeal to the wide range of individuals with either or both an academic and an activist involvement in the field.


The Examined Life
The Examined Life is a well-established philosophy site that offers an online journal, discussion forum, search and research resources.

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP)
SPEP is a professional organisation devoted to supporting philosophy inspired by Continental European traditions. SPEP is also actively committed to philosophical pluralism. It is one of the largest American philosophical societies and accommodates such traditions as critical theory, existenitalm, feminism, German Idealism, hermeneutics, post-structuralism and phenomenology.

Global Vision
The Global Vision Project, founded by Michael O'Callahan in 1982, is an international educational media campaign to promote the concept of sustainability as a global goal. A project of remarkable scope and breadth, well worth looking into.

Center for the Study of Mind & Human Interaction
CSMHI combines the perspectives of psychoanalysis, psychiatry, diplomacy, political science, history, sociology, and anthropology to examine in-depth the psychological processes beneath the surface of conflict, acculturation, ethnonational identity, and other aspects of human relations. Quarterly journal
Mind and Human Interaction available by subscription.

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