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Section #1.
In Person
Essays and reflections on Laing's life and the lives of his contemporaries, and how their experiences shaped their principal contributions to the philosophy and psychology of madness.

Section #2. Art & Literature
''An entertainment in conversation and verse', poetry, music and fiction, citations and samples.
See also
Recordings for audio and video sources.

Section # 3. Psychotherapy

a) Laing and Freud & followers
b) Laing and Jung & Co.
c) Existential Psychiatry & Psychology
d) Feminist Therapy and Family Therapy
e) Misc.

Section # 4. Philosophy & Religion

a) Ancient and medieval philosophy
b) Kierkegaard & Nietzsche
c) Husserl, Heidegger
d) Sartre
e) Buber, Tillich and others
f ) Bateson et. al
g) Scottish philosophy
h) Eastern philosophy

Section # 5: Peace and Conflict
Studies in the psychology of war, its antecedents and it possibilities for transformation to peace.

Section # 6: Shamanism/Rebirth
References and articles considering life before birth, experience of rebirth in shamanic initiation and therapy.

Section # 7. The Politics of Diagnosis
Issues in the critical examination of psychiatry and psychology in the therapist-patient relationship, and in the wider social context.

Section # 8. Therapeutic Communities
Essays and commentary by patients and staff examining therapeutic communities past and present

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