The photos included here are from the collection of Dr. Robert Firestone. Three of the prints in the collection were exhibited in Venice at an exhibition at the Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra from 15 June to 14 July 2002.

Dr. Firestone has generously provided the photos to be used freely on this site; if you would like to include the photos in any sort of commercial venture, please contact Mr. Frank Tobe.


" ...perhaps it had to do with the people somehow, with pedestrian mortality, restless criss-crossing of needs or desperations in one fateful piece of street...dialectics, matrices, archetypes all need to connect, once in a while, back to some of that proletarian blood, to body odors and senseless screaming across a table, to cheating and last hopes, or else all is dusty Dracularity, the West's ancient curse."

- Gravity's Rainbow

"All truth passes through three stages:

first, it is ridiculed;

next it is violently attacked;

finally, it is held to be self-evident."

-- Schopenhauer





..... because the only people

for me

are the Mad ones,

the ones

who are

mad to L I V E,

mad to talk,

mad to be SaVeD,

desirous of E v e r y thing

at the same time,

the ones

 who never yawn

or say a commonplace thing,


burn, bURn, burn


fabulous yellow roman candles

expLOding like



across the stars.


Jack Kerouac -- "On the Road"

Arrangement by Margreta Carr

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