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Politics & Other Works

~ Titled links below will open to a page of commentary, table of contents and publication details ~

The Divided Self 1960
His first book, an extraordinarily insightful description of the inner world of a schizophrenic. Considered a seminal work in the expression of the experiences of the mentally ill.

Self and Others 1961
Laing's second book, an eloquent description of the way in which people are shaped and controlled by social forces.
The Self and Others 1969
A substantially-revised edition, significantly illustrative of the progression in Laing's thought.

Sanity, Madness, and the Family (with A. Esterson) 1964
A study of the relationships between schizophrenics and their families. Some of the conclusions seem a bit dubious, but this is a must for serious Laing scholars.

Reason and Violence (with D.G. Cooper) 1964
Subtitled 'A Decade of Sartre's Philosophy 1950-1960'. With a foreword by Sartre himself.

Interpersonal Perception (with H. Phillipson and A.R. Lee) 1966
One of his more structured and scientific works, and unfortunately among his least read.

The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise 1967
A short, but incredibly intense book. His most popular work, and an ideal introduction to his philosophy.

The Politics of the Family 1969
Several essays on the subject. More considered than polemic when compared with his earlier material.

Knots 1970
Psychology written in poetry form. The schematics, painstaingly designed to express the refractions of meaning in the dialogues, can be a bit overwhelming for readers unaccustomed to such forms of notation.

The Facts of Life 1976
'An Essay in Feelings, Facts, and Fantasy', this book examines and questions the implications of life after birth and pre-birth experience in one's lived life.

Do You Love Me? 1976
'An Entertainment in Conversation and Verse' A second foray into prose and poetry, somewhat in the style of Knots.

Conversations With Adam and Natasha 1977
Also published as Conversations With Children, this is a book of short bits of daily life with his children.

Sonnets 1979
A poetry volume, concluding with a collection of adages, mostly his own.

The Voice of Experience 1982
Another of his later works that deals heavily with birth and the nature of experience.

Wisdom, Madness and Folly 1985
Laing's autobiography, which focuses on his early years. Subtitled 'The Making of a Psychotherapist'.

Paroles D'Enfants 1989 Seuil, Paris
Conversations with Children Vol.2. Not published in England at that time as Ronnie protected Max then, so only published in French - TI.

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